What you have long suspected is now confirmed this site is now closed to new submissions.  Roswell and I have long ago taken different roads and on my part I havenít looked back once. 


Now donít worry folks the site will remain on the net for a long, long time I have no plans to shut it down completely I just wonít update it with new stories.


Now I have a few stories that Iím not sure have been finished here is the list if you know for a fact they have been completed please email them to me and I will put them up.  You can find my email under the About me page.


Incomplete storiesÖ

1)A Season of Firsts and Beyond Sequel to Stumbling out of Darkness by Author: Carenicole

2)Right Kind Of Wrong by Author: Carenicole

3)Core by Author: Incognito

4)Our Story by Author: Jasper

5)Straight Or Curved? by Author: Jbehrbabe

6)Eyes of Fear by Author: SansuCry

7)Double Jeopardy Future Fic #1: "Priceless Gifts" by Author: Sheeperz

8)I'm Me Because of You by Author: Sydniepaige

9)The Forging of a Lifebond by Author: Tasyfa

10)China Doll  by Author:  trinitystar1323

11)Plus anything found on this page Fan Fiction On Life Support Click Here


As for my own ficís I want to finish them for the most part Takin Back Whatís Mine and Light To His Darkness are finished in my head but I canít seem to find the right way to write it out ďon paperĒ.


As for Coworker Max that one is harder because it has no plan itís just what ever the fingers come up with when I write.  And these days whatís in my head is inspired by Emma Holly which doesnít really fit the rules of this site.  Ahh what to do, what to do anyways Iíll try my hardest and hopefully it will be soon.


Faith Ė July 09, 2006